Müller Textil GmbH

Thygesen Textile Group owns 30% of the shares in the company Müller Textil GmbH.

Müller Textil was founded in 1906 and is today run by the 4th generation of the Müller family. In the mid-90’es Müller sold the traditional part of their textile production and concentrated – as one of the first companies in the world – on the production of 3-dimensional spacer fabrics.

Spacer fabrics are primarily used for car seats as an alternative to foam. The product also has application possibilities within the healthcare sector, and the shoe, clothing, and furniture industries.

The primary customer group are the European, American, and Asian car manufacturers, and Müller is today a market leader within the development and production of spacer fabrics for the automotive area

Müller also has a strong foothold within the mattress industry in Europe.

Sales takes place from sales offices in Germany and the USA. Production takes place at factories in Slovakia, China and Mexico.



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