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Thygesen Textile Solutions A/S

Thygesen Textile Solutions was for many years one of the leading manufacturers in Denmark of high-quality knitted fabrics sold to the textile industry worldwide for further processing into finished garments.

Thygesen Textile Solutions (formerly S. Thygesen/Thygesen Fabrics) was founded in 1931 when Carla and Soren Thygesen started the production of children’s and ladies’ knickers on modest 90 sq.m. of production area.

Knitting activities in the company are today taken care of by Thygesen Textile Vietnam, a 100% owned knitting plant in Vietnam.

Besides the plant in Vietnam, Thygesen Textile Solutions A/S is the parent company for a number of companies supplying a broad range of textile solutions to the industry.

Activities of these underlying companies can be viewed on the respective pages.

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